The Confession Club
by Elizabeth Berg

A group of women in Mason, Missouri discover that best friends are made by sharing secrets. It all started as a supper club, a group gathering monthly to share homemade dinners, until the night one woman made a startling revelation. After that, the “Confession Club” decided to meet weekly to feast not only on dinner, but on admissions of misdeeds, embarrassments, and insecurities. When Iris Winters and Maddy Harris are invited to the club, they find that it’s just what each of them needs. Iris hasn’t yet told anyone about the unlikely man who has captured her attention, and Maddy has come back home to escape a problem too big for her to confront.

The Confession Club is a heartwarming and illuminating book about women, friendship, and how sharing the secrets we’re afraid of revealing can actually bring us closer.

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The 7:30 PM: 45-min livestream lecture on The Confession Club with the author Elizabeth Berg, followed by 15-20 min of audience Q&A, was held on Thursday, September 10, 2020.

With over 4 million copies of her books in print, bestselling author Elizabeth Berg has written more than 20 novels, two collections of short stories, and two nonfiction books. Warm without being sentimental, optimistic without being cloying, and eminently readable, Berg has been praised for “her ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary, the remarkable in the everyday” (The Boston Globe).

“Before I became a writer, I was a registered nurse for ten years, and that was my ‘school’ for writing—taking care of patients taught me a lot about human nature, about hope and fear and love and loss and regret and triumph and especially about relationships—all things that I tend to focus on in my work.” – Elizabeth Berg

Her books include the Oprah Book Club Selection Open House, The Tapestry of Fortunes, The Dream Lover, Home Safe and The Last Time I Saw You. Recent novels include The Story of Arthur Truluv, its follow up, Night of Miracles, and her latest The Confession Club, all set in the community of Mason, Missouri. Three of her novels have been made into films, and many have been New York Times bestsellers. Up next in October 2020 she will release I’ll Be Seeing You: A Memoir which follows the emotional and physical challenges of caring for her aging parents. Berg has been honored with the NEBA Award, and her writing has appeared in numerous publications, including Ladies’ Home Journal, Redbook, and The New York Times Magazine.