Public Comments at Board Meetings

The Procedures for Public Comments are intended to accommodate input from community residents in a fair, reasonable, and orderly fashion.

Audience comments are permitted during the “Public Comments” portion of the agenda. The Board President, in the exercise of his or her discretion, may grant or deny a request to address the Board during other portions of the agenda.

The Board President will ask if anyone wishes to address the Board and will determine the order in which speakers will be recognized.

As the Board President recognizes an audience member who wishes to speak, the speaker will rise and go to the microphone (if a microphone is available).

Each speaker shall speak clearly into the microphone and shall provide his or her name and address, and his or her group affiliation (if any). All speakers shall address their comments and questions to the Board, and not to other members of the audience.

Statements should be kept as brief and to the point as possible.

The Board President shall have the right and discretion to determine when and how to respond to public comments. An immediate response, discussion or debate shall not be required.

The Board President shall have the right and discretion to control discussion and to determine both the length of time and the number of times a speaker may speak. Unless an exception is granted by the Board President, each person will be allowed a maximum of three (3) minutes to speak. The Board President will determine whether second public comments will be permitted, and if so, the appropriate amount of time for public comment, and will close off public comment at his/her discretion. Members of the public will not be allowed to speak a second time until all members of the audience who wish to speak have been allowed to do so.

Because minutes are a summary record of the Board’s discussions and actions, speaker requests to append written statements or correspondence to the minutes are not favored. Written statements, correspondence and other written matter presented to the Board will be included in the Library District’s files rather than in the minutes.

Adopted: December 6, 2010 Special Library Board Meeting