Internet Access Policy

The Library has no control over information available on the Internet. Patrons access the Internet strictly at their own risk.

Patrons are reminded that Internet information may be inaccurate, out of date, or unavailable at times and that Internet content may be offensive to some patrons.

Patrons are reminded that the Library’s Internet connections are located in public areas shared by Patrons of all ages and backgrounds. Patrons may not access disruptive or harmful material and images. The Library reserves the right to:

  • Ask patrons to discontinue displaying information and images which are or may be disruptive;
  • Terminate an Internet session;
  • Revoke a patron’s Library privileges.

Patrons shall respect the privacy of patrons at nearby computers and shall refrain from attempting to view or read material being used by other patrons.

Patrons shall use network resources only for lawful purposes and shall comply with all copyright laws and regulations.

Destruction of, damage to, or alteration of Library equipment, software, or network security is prohibited.

Patrons may connect their equipment to the Internet via a wireless network, or “hotspot.” The wireless network is designed to reduce the chances of patron equipment being “hacked”. Patrons acknowledge that security errors and hacking are inherent risks associated with wireless Internet use and hotspot services. Patrons expressly agree that they knowingly assume such risks. Patrons expressly agree to hold the Library harmless from any claim or loss arising out of or related in any way to any hacking, security errors, or other unauthorized use of or access to a patron’s computer.

The Library is not responsible for the ability of patron-owned equipment to connect to the wireless network. Library staff will not change settings on patron-owned equipment.

The Library is not responsible for any software downloaded and/or installed, email opened, or sites accessed while patrons are on the wireless Internet connection. Any damage to patron equipment from viruses, plug-ins or other Internet-borne programs is the sole responsibility of the patron.