Loan Periods & Renewals

Books: New 14 Day Adult books14 Days4 Renewals
Books: New Youth Books21 Days4 Renewals
Books & Audiobooks: Adult and Youth Books, Audiobooks (Playaways or CD)21 Days4 Renewals
DVD & Blu-ray: New Adult DVD & Blu-ray films4 Days1 Renewal
DVD & Blu-ray: Adult and All Youth DVD & Blu-ray films7 Days4 Renewal
DVD & Blu-ray: Adult TV-series DVD & Blu-ray films and documentaries7 Days4 renewals
DVD & Blu-ray: All Youth TV-series DVD & Blu-ray14 Days4 renewals
Music CDs21 Days4 Renewals
Magazines7 DaysNo Renewal
Tote bags21 Days4 Renewals

Vacation Loans:
May borrow up to six (6) weeks, except for DVDs, Blu-Rays, “New” Books and Hot Items, which are not eligible for vacation loan.

Fines and Charges Policy


A record of fines not paid is recorded in the online circulation system. The patron will be expected to pay this fine at the earliest convenience. The maximum fine shall not exceed the price of the book or material. Fines can accumulate to $10.00 before a patron may be denied the opportunity to check out additional materials before paying the fine.

An overdue notice will be mailed to the patron after an item is fourteen (14) days overdue. A billing statement will be mailed forty-five (45) days after the material is due.

A book drop just west of the Winnetka Library’s parking lot on Linden and one near the entrance to the Northfield Branch are available for convenience in returning Library materials. Use of a book drop does not cancel overdue fines.

A fine of twenty (20) cents per day will be charged for all materials except fiction DVDs and fiction Blu-rays. A fine of $1.00 per day will be charged for all fiction DVDs and fiction Blu-rays. A three (3) day grace period is given for overdue materials, except Kindles, new fiction DVDs, new fiction Blu-rays, and 7-Day items.


The Library shall charge patrons for photocopying at a rate of ten (10) cents per copy.

The Library shall charge patrons for printing materials on printers attached to computers. A fee of ten (10) cents per page will be charged, beginning with the first page printed.