Early Literacy Kits

Little Traveler
Family Builders Learning Toy
Popsicles Learning Toy
Stack the Cats book
Plush Organs Learning Toy

Early Literacy Kits are designed for pre-readers and focus on developing literacy skills through sharing concepts like words, rhymes, sounds, songs, and more.

Early literacy is not the teaching of reading. Instead, it means helping children develop the skills they will need to become successful readers. The most important thing you can do to foster early literacy is to provide an atmosphere that’s fun, verbal, and stimulating. When you read, talk, sing, and play with your child, you’re stimulating the growth of your child’s brain and building the connections that become the building blocks for reading.

Each kit contains books, games, toys, and more, as well as songs and rhymes all based on the five best practices to help a child get ready to learn: Reading, Talking, Singing, Playing, and Writing. Kits are available to check out for three weeks. There is a limit of one kit per card.