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The Wicked King
by Holly Black

Courtney says,

This was the sequel to Cruel Prince which was the first book in the Folk of Air Series. The novel picks up about six months after the finish of Cruel Prince where Jude is now the King’s right hand and has King Cardan under her control through the binding pact they made in the first novel. (more…)

Once More We Saw Stars
by Jayson Greene

Sydney says,

A really beautifully written, but painful book to read. At times it was so raw and so close – I wonder what another year or two’s time and reflection would have done to his story. But this was up close and personal on a parent’s grief of losing a child and I’m better for having read it. (more…)

Say Nothing
by Patrick Keefe

A true accounting of The Troubles in Ireland and the legacies of those involved. This book is accessible, full of suspense, mysteries, complex people, and details a major period in recent history. The audiobook is read by Matthew Blaney, a native of Belfast.

Finding Dorothy
by Elizabeth Letts

Stephanie says,

If you are a fan of the “Wizard of Oz”, you will enjoy this novel based on the lives of Maude and L. Frank Baum, the author of the Oz books. The plot alternates between the beginnings of their marriage and, after Frank’s death, the filming of the movie.