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Young Adult

Scott says,

One of Charlize Theron’s most overlooked performances has her as a Gen-Xer wallowing in her supposed glorious days trying to get what she feels is owed. From the creators of Juno but a little more acerbic in its comedy – a female anti-hero with no socially redeeming arc or life lessons.

The Old Guard
by Greg Rucka
illustrated by Leandro Fernandez

Michael says,

This very pulpy and bloody book has some of that flavor of The Highlander as four immortals dealing with their endless lives when a new immortal emerges. They take their warrior experience and make the world a better place through combat and camaraderie, no matter the cost.

by Megan Giddings

Staff says,

When Lena receives an invitation to join a well-paying research study, she sees it as an opportunity to provide her mother with top tier health insurance and dig her family out of debt. As the study continues, Lena’s concept of reality starts to warp. (more…)

Kent State
by Deborah Wiles

Amanda says,

A number of perspectives – student, townie, member of the National Guard – explain the incidents on the campus of Kent State in May of 1970. The at-times sparse prose is presented in a manner that will appeal to middle grade students while providing a wealth of background information for those that may want to research further.


Michael says,

Now that everyone has agreed to disagree about Rian Johnson’s The Last Jedi, but everyone loves Knives Out, we need to look again at his back catalog of work. This unique take on time travel, more about character and their world than physics. (more…)

Gregor the Overlander
by Susanne Collins

Melissa says,

Gregor the Overlander is the first of five books in the Underland Chronicles, which Suzanne Collins wrote before The Hunger Games. (more…)

Facts vs. Opinions vs. Robots
by Michael Rex

Amanda says,

One our selected Summer Reading recommendations, this picture book presents the differences between facts and opinions in a simple-to-understand, humorous way – it’s a subtle, albeit necessary lesson.

The Ruin of Kings
by Jenn Lyons

Steve says,

A fun, inventive start to a new fantasy series. This has a fully-realized world, consistent internal logic, and a great story that doesn’t overwhelm readers who might be new to fantasy.

Hidden Valley Road
by Robert Kolker

Amelia says,

A fascinating true story about struggling to find a cure to save six of twelve children diagnosed with schizophrenia from a single Midwestern family during the middle of the twentieth century. (more…)

by Emma Donoghue

Sydney says,

A retired New York professor and widower’s life is thrown into chaos when he takes a newly-found young great-nephew to the French Riviera, in hopes of uncovering his own mother’s wartime secrets. Great characters – loved watching their burgeoning relationship, with the backdrop of a great historical fiction story.