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Pilu of the Woods
by Mai K. Nguyen

Willow is having a hard time at home & school and occasionally lets her emotions get the better of her. She hikes in the woods to calm down, meets a lost tree spirit and helps her return home. The journey is spiritual and physical with both girls challenging and supporting each other on her way home.

by Max Brooks

Similar in approach to World War Z, Brooks chronicles a Sasquatch massacre immediately following the eruption of Mt. Rainier. He weaves the story together using excerpts from a journal found after the attack and interviews with zoologists, Forest Service officials & relatives who are still trying to adjust to the existence of those creatures.

Under The Skin

Scott says,

Scarlett Johansson is a long way from The Avengers in one of the most ominous, hallucinatory sci-fi films ever made. “Visionary” gets thrown around too much but director Jonathan Glazer qualifies.

Stand Up, Yumi Chung!
by Jessica Kim

Amanda says,

Yumi Chung is leading a double life. After being mistaken for another camper at a comedy camp led by her all-time favorite comedian, Yumi spends her days running from test-prep tutoring class to comedy club all the while keeping the two lives as separate as can be. (more…)

Hard Eight

The acclaimed director of There Will Be Blood & Phantom Thread debuted with this Vegas & Reno-set character study of Sydney (Philip Baker Hall), a old school casino dweller who mysteriously takes a lost soul (John C. Reilly) under his wing. With early parts for Gwyneth Paltrow, Samuel L. Jackson & Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The City We Became
by N. K. Jemisin

The City We Became is fantastic speculative fiction that is believable, immersive and intriguing, like her other books. I rarely guess where she’s headed, immediately wonder what the next book will be like, and enjoy every second of it.

One to Watch
by Kate Stayman-London

Amanda says,

After body-positive fashion blogger Bea’s scathing review of the latest episode of Main Squeeze – an obvious play on The Bachelor – goes viral, the positive response leads to an invite for Bea herself to be the newest leading lady on the show. Is this what Bea really wants? (more…)

Ways to Make Sunshine
by Renée Watson

Lindsay says,

For fans of lovable meddling kids like Ramona Quimby or Clementine, Ryan Hart is sure to win you over. Her family is moving and her dad has a new job, and they’re all having some trouble adjusting to their new life. But Ryan is determined to make her family smile. (more…)

Captain Raptor and the Moon Mystery
by Kevin O’Malley

Staff says,

A great riff on earlier cinema serials like Buck Rogers, this book, other than being a adventure led by DINOSAURS who fly rockets INTO SPACE rendered in detailed illustrations, is a series of dramatic cliffhangers. (more…)

Trouble at Table 5: The Candy Caper
by Tom Watson

Melissa says,

Molly gets ideas stuck in her head sometimes. She noticed a jar of candy on the principal’s desk and just has to know how many are in there. She and her best friends, Simon and Rose, come up with a plan to figure out the exact number. They’ve never broken the rules before. (more…)