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Writers & Lovers
by Lily King

Rebecca says,

A moving story of grief, heartache, love, and being an artist on the verge of success. King’s protagonist Casey navigates sadness and joy as she finds herself in Boston during the summer of 1997. A relatable coming-of-age tale that feels very current, despite the lack of cell phones and laptops. Settle into a refreshing world of answering machines, typewriters, and postcards and experience the tender vulnerability of growing pains.

Dear Librarian

Dear Librarian is a thank you to anyone who has offered a child love and support during a difficult time. Enjoy this warm story as Lydia and the librarian discover a world beyond their walls, one that sparkled with spectacular joy.

Beasts and Beauty

Bestselling author Soman Chainani respins old stories into fresh fairy tales for a new era and creates a world like no other. Twelve dangerous tales of mystery, magic, and rebellious hearts.

Don’t Hug Doug

Doug prefers not to be hugged, but there are a variety of other ways his loved ones can show him affection.

Who Put This Song On?

Morgan finds her crew of fellow outcasts, blasts music like there’s no tomorrow, discovers what being black means to her, and finally puts her mental health first.

Grasshopper Jungle

Austin Szerba narrates the end of humanity as he and his best friend Robby accidentally unleash an army of giant, unstoppable bugs and uncover the secrets of a decades-old experiment gone terribly wrong.


Queen Bitterblue of Monsea has been rebuilding her kingdom for nearly five years when she learns about the magical land to the east where people and animals perform feats greater than even the most impressive Grace.

Crying in H Mart

An unflinching, powerful memoir by Michelle Zauner about growing up Korean American, losing her mother, and forging her own identity.

Laundry Love

To Patric Richardson, laundry isn’t just fun – it’s a way of life. After years of running a laundry camp, he’s ready to share his tips and tricks–bringing surprise and delight to this commonly dreaded chore.

Between Two Kingdoms

An Emmy Award-winning writer and activist describes the harrowing years she spent fighting leukemia and how she learned to live again while forging connections with other survivors of profound illness and suffering.