Staff Picks

Do you want to READ?

The Wicked King
By Holly Black

From Courtney Volny, Branch Services Coordinator, using Cloud Library

This was the sequel to Cruel Prince which was the first book in the Folk of Air Series. The novel picks up about six months after the finish of Cruel Prince where Jude is now the King’s right hand and has King Cardan under her control through the binding pact they made in the first novel. Jude is battling her fathers desire to put her younger brother on the throne, her sisters upcoming marriage to the vile villainous Locke, and her own growing desire and feelings for Cardan. This novel was a great piece of teen fairy lore. Holly Black writes extremely compelling characters, who make mistakes and bad choices that have you throwing the book against a wall!! Remember to start with the Cruel Prince by Holly Black.

The Other Americans
by Laila Lalami

From Meghan White, Librarian, using Libby

More than just a mystery about a deadly hit and run, this book delves into the ties that bind a family and the impact of their choices. Told with alternating narrators, character’s motivations and inner lives are slowly revealed. A few loose threads might leave you wanting more, but the story is none the less enjoyable and will tug at your heartstrings. Appeal terms: complex characters, bittersweet.

Once More We Saw Stars
by Jayson Greene

From Sydney Clarke, Circulation Associate, using Libby or Cloud Library

A really beautifully written, but painful book to read. At times it was so raw and so close – I wonder what another year or two’s time and reflection would have done to his story. But this was up close and personal on a parent’s grief of losing a child and I’m better for having read it.  I read the print book, but the audio is read by the author which I am sure adds another dimension to this memoir.   Appeal terms:  sad, beautiful, reflective.

The Starless Sea
by Erin Morgenstern

From Erin Collins, Librarian, using Libby
(this book is a Library Staff Favorite!!)

This book was so much fun and perfect for any library worker and/or book lover. The story mostly follows Zachary, a grad school student who feels shy and awkward and somewhat of a loner. He comes across an old and uncatalogued book in the university library one day and looks to see what is inside. As he reads, he realizes one of the stories is about something that happened to himself as a child. He is freaked out as to how his story got in this old book. As he tries to investigate what the book is and where it came from, he is led down a rabbit hole of fantasy and an underground secret library system where all stories are kept. This was the perfect book to truly escape from reality and into the world of books; Fantasy, Mystical, Compelling.

Code Name: Lise by Larry Loftis

From Jim Young, Library Page, using Libby

A spy story set in World War 2, it highlights the challenges, dangers and drudgery of a woman spying for Britain against the Nazis. Ilse has a family with children, and her story begins with training in the skills needed, continues with the dangerous courier missions and rescues that she gets involved in. The story is especially gripping when she is captured and tortured by the Nazis. The story does not end with the end of the War.

The Gown: A Novel of the Royal Wedding
by Jennifer Robson

Kathy Skiba, Graphic Designer, using Libby

“From the internationally bestselling author of Somewhere in France comes an enthralling historical novel about one of the most famous wedding dresses of the twentieth century—Queen Elizabeth’s wedding gown—and the fascinating women who made it.” -from Goodreads

Teen books

From Lindsay Goldstein, Youth Services Librarian

Graphic Novels

From Amanda Garrity, Head of Youth Services, using Hoopla

Michael, my husband, has been enjoying the vast selection of comics, especially since you can search by publisher, so all of the Marvel, DC or Image titles can be found together. We both recommend anything by Brian K. Vaughan.

Do you want to LISTEN?

Dear Girls
by Ali Wong

From Katie Cangelosi, Head of Circulation Services, who loved this as eAudiobook
(Libby and Cloud Library)

The author reads the audiobook and if you’re looking for some “spit out your milk” laughs right now, this is the book! Ali writes to her daughters about her relationships with her family, boyfriends, and finally their father. Funny and heartwarming!

Such a Fun Age
by Kiley Reid

From Katie Cangelosi, Head of Circulation Services, who loved this as eAudiobook
(Libby and Cloud Library)

This is a bestseller AND a page turner. Emira has gotten herself into a pickle between two people in her life that seem to know what is best for her or, are these people not exactly who they appear to be? A debut novel about race and privilege.


From Amanda Garrity, Head of Youth Services, using Hoopla

I am also an advocate for the music selections on Hoopla. I was so excited to discover that there are Audiotree Live Session available for check-out and have worked my way through a few favorites like Restorations, Single Mothers, Bear vs. Shark and Laura Stevenson.

Do you want to WATCH?

Scott Siegel, Circulation Associate and Local Movie Expert, has provided a LIST of worthy contenders using Kanopy

Krisha – An amazing indie about the world’s most awkward family Thanksgiving.

Playtime – It’s one of my all-time faves; some French but mostly sight gags.

Los Angeles Plays Itself – A great look at LA through Hollywood eyes, & its real-life landmarks.

For families with young children

From Amanda Garrity, Head of Youth Services, using Hoopla

My family is a huge fan of Hoopla because there genuinely is something for all of us. I’m so glad [the Library] upped our checkout numbers, because we’ve been flying through titles in my house. Conor, my 2-year-old, is a big fan of the immense amount of Sesame Street and Elmo-related music selections on Hoopla. We listen to “The Elmo Slide” every afternoon for some dance-related exercise.

Lindsay Goldstein, Youth Services Library, has provided a LIST of age-appropriate titles using various digital platforms