District Staffs' Picks Best of 2019



Scott says,

“Everything you ever wanted to know about gamers but were afraid to ask.”


The Island of Sea Women

Courtney says,

“A beautiful gripping tale about the friendship between two woman who are part of the all female diving collective in Korea. I could not put this book down and after reading it, immediately started reading everything else Lisa See has written!”

Graphic Novels

Queen of the Sea

Michael says,

“Detailed reimagining alternate history of Queens Elizabeth and Mary told in beautiful watercolor. A thick graphic novel that will certainly be pulling in lots of awards. I can’t stop talking about it to everyone.”


Big Book of Monsters

Jim says,

“This is a kid’s book that is enjoyable for adults also. It is an interesting blend of creatures from Shakespeare, Alice in Wonderland, and traditional monsters like Dracula and Grendel. The illustrations are great.”


Guns Down

Jim says,

“This is a hot topic today about gun violence, the role of NRA, and suggestions on what to do. The author meets with both sides of the argument and uses facts well to make his point for safety in gun ownership. His first chapters are chilling while they are funny.”