District Staffs' Picks Best of 2018



Scott says, “My #1 is definitely Custody, from France, incredibly harrowing tale of divorce, first-time director Xavier Legrand – the most frightening movie I’ve ever seen in a theater.”

Solo: A Star Wars Story

Kate says, “This film caused a slight rift in the Star Wars fandom, but I loved it. The film was all the fun and space battles that is expected from a Star Wars film, with the added interest of showing the back story of a well-loved character.”

Picture Books


Amanda says, “This beautiful story of author-illustrator Yuyi Morales’ journey to the United States with her young son, and the home they found in the public library WILL make you cry.”

Mary Who Wrote Frakenstein

Allison says, “This is the mythic history of the night Mary Shelley, her husband Percy Shelley and famed poet Lord Byron entered a contest to determine who could write the most frightening ghost story. While her competitors quickly lost interest, 18-year-old Mary persisted in writing Frankenstein, often credited as the first work of modern science fiction.”


In the House in the Dark of the Woods

Courtney says, “This book drove me insane with how wonderfully twisted it was. A perfect book to read when its dark and stormy, it will give you the creepy crawlies, and you will not be able to put it down.”

The Masterpiece

Sue says, “As in her two previous books (The Dollhouse, The Address), the author uses two different time periods to tell the story of old New York. This time, it was about the Grand Central Art School, once located in Grand Station Terminal. I love that she writes about such independent women, who due to circumstances, find themselves and their strength.”

Graphic Novels

Heavy Vinyl

by Carly Usdin and Nina Vakueva

Kate says, “Excellent story about a group of girl employees at a record store who moonlight as crime fighters! This is a fun graphic novel that touches on female friendships, diverse relationships, and the nostalgia of record stores.”

Natalie says, “Chris’ dream job has always been to work at the town’s record store, talking about music and playing in a band with her fellow teen girl coworkers. But she soon discovers they’re more than a band – they’ve recruited her to join their secret female fight club.”


The Last Black Unicorn

Sue says, “With everything Tiffany Haddish has been through in her life already, she has stand-up material for days.  Love her infectious spirit and that she remains positive, grounded, and solid in knowing herself.”