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What is the scope of the proposed renovation project at the Winnetka Library?
Current proposed elements of the project include:

  • The removal of asbestos in the ceilings of both the lobby and Lloyd room
  • The addition of one or more small study rooms/meeting spaces
  • A refresh of the quiet room (painting, blinds, furniture, and carpet)
  • New lighting in the lobby and Lloyd Room
  • New carpeting on the main level of the Winnetka Library in the lobby and adult services areas.

Why are these items being considered?

  • The lighting in the lobby and staff workspaces need to be updated; the last remodel of staff spaces was done 25 years ago. Replacement of light bulbs that will work in these older fixtures has become expensive, and still does not provide adequate lighting in work areas
  • There is asbestos in the ceilings of both the lobby and the Lloyd room, which make it impossible to update lighting in these areas without abatement
  • The main level of the library is in need of new carpeting. It was last replaced in 1996.
  • The scope of the project takes into consideration that we would lessen the inconvenience to patrons in the future, as well as provide cost savings, if these items were done at the same time
  • Study rooms are being considered in response to a previous community survey and current patron requests.

Where will the proposed small study/meeting rooms be?
The rooms would be located on the main level of the Winnetka Library in the Adult Services Area.
Will we lose shelving new space for books?
No. The proposed design creates new shelving areas that will allow for the same number of new materials to be highlighted right as you enter the lobby. The design allows for faster browsing and a better way to feature new books. We are committed to retaining the same or more shelf space for materials that we currently have.

What improvements are proposed for the quiet room?
New paint, carpeting, furniture and blinds.
How will the self-service option affect service?
We will retain the same great level of service and staffing that you see in the library every day. Self-checkout is an option for those who prefer faster service during busy checkout times. There will always be staff on hand to provide full service and assistance.
How much will it cost?
When we determine the scope of the project, we will have a better idea of the proposed costs. At that time, we will go to the second phase of design which will give us a better idea of timing and cost. The project will be paid for using our current budget for capital projects and funds reserved for projects of this nature.
This is our current proposed budget.
Will the library be closed at any time during the proposed construction process?
At this time, we know that abatement of the asbestos will require the library being closed to the public for 10 days, however the Northfield Branch Library will remain open during that time. An exact timeline will be determined after the scope of the project is complete.

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