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The Winnetka-Northfield Public Library District is excited to announce upcoming renovations to both locations in 2018. The renovations have been drawn up with great thought and consideration in effort to further the Library’s position as a collaborative partner in our communities.



  • Removal of asbestos ceilings on the main level; including the lobby, Lloyd and main reading room
  • New ceilings, which will provide better sound absorption; and new acoustic panels in the reading room to aide in sound absorption
  • New fire alarm
  • Addition of three new small group study/meeting rooms
  • Refresh of the quiet room to make it a more comfortable quiet reading and workspace
  • New LED lighting
  • Renovation of existing bathrooms to make them ADA accessible
  • New circulation desk
  • New carpeting throughout the lobby, Lloyd room, reading room, quiet room & mezzanine
  • Addition of RFID technology, providing self-check kiosk options in the lobby and Youth Services areas and an automated return system


  • Renovation of the existing bathrooms. This much needed refresh will provide not only an updated look but new sinks, toilets, hand dryers and changing tables.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why renovate now?
The renovations being undertaken are informed by our strategic plan. Feedback and comments were solicited from the public, through a community survey and through a Library open house. The feedback highlighted the need for new functional work and study spaces, as well as the need for general updates to the conditions of the Winnetka Library.

Will the library be closed at any time during the proposed construction process?
Yes, the Winnetka Library will be closed for the month of February 2018. The abatement of asbestos in three major ceiling areas will require closure to the public for 20 days, however the Northfield Branch Library will remain open during that time.

How long will the construction take?
Construction is going to be happening in phases with the first phase being the closure of the Winnetka library to begin abatement. We expect the duration to be just about three months with the completion expected in May 2018.

Will Northfield restrooms be open during renovations?
Yes, the construction will be done in stages with one bathroom under construction at a time. Additional bathrooms will also be available for public use in the Northfield Community Room, which is located adjacent to the Library.

Where will I get my books, movies, etc… while the Winnetka Library is closed?
We strive to make this process as easy for our patrons as possible. Here are 3 easy ways to bridge the gap while we’re closed:

  1. The Northfield Branch Library: The Branch will be open and ready for all patrons needs. We will also be extending due dates of all materials during the closure.
  2. Digital Library: Patrons have 24/7 access to materials through our Digital Library which contains eBooks, eAudiobooks, Digital Magazines, Apps, Digital Movies & Music, etc…
  3. Visit a Neighbor Library: The Winnetka-Northfield Public Library District Library Card is also valid at neighboring Libraries. Some nearby options are: Wilmette, Glencoe, Glenview

Will we lose shelving new space for books?
No. The proposed design creates new shelving areas that will allow for the same number of new materials to be highlighted right as you enter the lobby.

Where will the proposed small study/meeting rooms be?
The rooms would be located on the main level of the Winnetka Library in the Adult Services Area.

What improvements are proposed for the quiet room?
New lighting, paint, carpeting, furniture and blinds.

How will the self-service option affect service?
We will retain the same great level of service and staffing that you see in the library every day. Self-checkout is an option for those who prefer faster service during busy checkout times.

Will the style of the Library be changing?
The design is thoughtful in functionality, and authentic in keeping with the original mid-century modern architecture and design of the current building. The spirit of the open floor plan will continue within the existing building footprint, while creating new study room spaces and improving upon the current quiet lounge and meeting room spaces.

How will the project be funded?
The project will be paid for using our current budget for capital projects and fund reserved for projects of this nature.

Will the Library be open for finals week?
Yes, we have delayed the start of construction to allow for finals week study sessions.


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